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Classes for ...

  • all ages

  • all levels (1, 2 & 3) of most social dances

  • all levels (from beginner to gold level) of most International Ballroom dances


As well as ...

  • group lessons as scheduled

  • private lessons by appointment

  • choreography for wedding dances

  • gift certificates

  • teaching that is based on the syllabus standardized by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing 

  • outings to local dances

  • an opportunity to be a member of a formation team

  • a social activity that provides: 

  1. exercise

  2. meeting new friends

  3. improving self confidence

  4. a healthy-relationship activity


And teach you how to...

  • lead and follow

  • understand music:  genre, timing, rhythm and association

  • execute proper dance holds and positions


Ballroom & Social Dancing



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