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Learning from mistakes.

For some people, making mistakes is hard to admit, hard to hide, hard the apologize for, hard to correct, and even hard to move on from. Not sure about you, but when I make a mistake I readily recognize it, apologize for it if it has affected another person, and then do my best to make it right. I have learned from working with professional dance instructors, even they can make mistakes in dance routines. It simply is a part of life. For me, recognizing it, joking about it and then making it right by trying all over again is the best advice I give to myself. By not giving up and working on making it right gives me a whole lot of inner peace knowing that I have done my best to get it right.

Now that I can look back upon over two decades of a dance career both as a participant and as an instructor, I have made my share of mistakes, but I have learned from them in order to be a better dance instructor, a better dancer, and a better person overall.

The most recent one happened on my BLOG site with a new viewer who made an innocent comment and misunderstandings became apparent, I hope the viewer will accept my apology and reconsider a second try.

In closing, in the video above, can you find the one mistake one of the partners makes and take notice of how it was acknowledged and corrected? Making it right makes it beautifully better, in fact, picture perfect.

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